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About us

RAP Development is the company within RAP Group specializing in delivering turnkey projects in the construction field. Established in 2007, RAP Development is the general contractor for both industrial and civil sectors, public, and private.

Currently, RAP Development has the knowhow and the capacity of managing and implementing complex projects at the highest quality standards, thus offering customers the satisfaction of long-lasting, reliable projects and the assurance of well-done work.

RAP Development delivers complete and integrated construction and pre-construction services, renovation, and rehabilitation work. It includes the general contractor’s services, construction management, design, and the performance of all types of construction work for different types of buildings and spaces required to develop sectors including commercial, retail, residential, medical, entertainment, and others. The company provides the following main types of constructions: turnkey buildings, respectively industrial buildings, production buildings, warehousing buildings – warehouses, logistics buildings, administrative buildings, other types of buildings and industrial structures.

Whether they work on residential or industrial construction, the RAP Development specialists liaise with customers throughout all stages of the project from design to final delivery. Thus, RAP Development provides a real-time response to customer expectations and requirements.


General developer for industrial and residential constructions

Key elements


Each project is unique. This is beneficial because this uniqueness encourages our ability to adapt to different situations. We’re fully prepared to comply with complex projects and delivery deadlines.



We know what a general contractor’s responsibilities are. And we’re committed to working collaboratively, complying with cost control, and handling challenging situations.



Our highly trained and experienced employees are the reason our partners choose to work with us. RAP Development’s team is specially tailored to each project’s needs, thus delivering a high level of personalization and integrated processes.